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Wild Tuscany Treks is a network of professional Nature and Walking Guides created by Leonardo and Silvia, cofounders in 2007 of Feronia.

We have many years of experience as guides in co-operation with natural parks, botanical gardens, natural history museums and as adult education lecturers.

Our goal is to guide you through exciting outdoor experiences on the “wild side” of Tuscany, with all its hidden treasures: mountains, natural parks, enchanted villages and archaeological sites.

We’ll be happy to tell you the history of these places and “translate” for you what the environment says, not forgetting to let you taste the best local products!

Come trek with us!

Leonardo Gelli

I’ve grown up among forests and olive groves. My favourite games were climbing and playing in trees, drawing maps of my “discoveries” and observing insects.
As an adult, after many years spent behind a desk, I decided one day to change my life and convert my eternal passion for nature into a full time job.

In 2006 I became a Trekking Guide and few months later founded Feronia.
Since then, in addition to obviously trekking and hiking a lot, I’ve been involved in many different projects: environmental education, cartography, trail networks design and trail marking.

​I also work with natural parks, botanical gardens and natural history museums and hold lectures in courses for new guides.
My goals are to transmit to others love and respect for the environment, the beauty of staying outdoor and to help them to appreciate even the smallest form of life.
Luckily, thanks to my wonderful Tuscany this mission is not impossible!

Silvia Lisa Asciamprener

I graduated in Environmental Sciences with a thesis on the conservation of a Ugandan rainforest and in 2007 I became a Nature and Walking Guide.
I strongly believe that nature is a precious asset, of everyone and yet at risk and becoming a guide and environmental educator I’ve found the tools to spread to others, especially children, my knowledge, passion and respect for it.
As a hiker and mountain lover, I then found a way to combine business with pleasure, leading people on very suggestive paths but sometimes still unknown for their naturalistic and landscape values.