*** COVID-19 Protocol ***

Protocol on measures of containment and prevention from COVID-19 during guided hikes outdoor.

(effective from October 19).

CoVid-19 prevention and contagion containment measures adopted by our guides.

The guide
The Guide will be equipped with health safety devices (disinfectant gel and surgical or washable mask in accordance with the law) and will have new devices in accordance with the standard if some of the participants have forgotten to bring their own individual equipment.
The Guide had verified during the on-site inspection that the route does not present any need for physical contact with the Participants to overcome any critical steps (fords, impervious passages).
During the trip it will be required to keep at least 2 meters distance between the Participants, with the exception of cohabitants.
The maximum number of Participants will be 10 or 15 depending on the type of hike (so that the Guide manages to keep the group visible).
Car sharing is allowed according to the current laws for car transport (max. 3 people with mask on)

The participant
Each Participant must be provided with a sanitizing gel and wear a surgical or washable mask according to law (ecological choice). The mask can only be lowered if the safety distance of 2 meters is maintained.
It will be forbidden to exchange any object, food or drink between any member of the group, including the Guide.
The participant declares that there are no symptoms that can be traced back to CoVid-19.

Before the experience
For hygienic-sanitary reasons, electronic payment in advance is recommended.
Each participant during registration must accept the updated Terms and condition for the emergency.