We offer, also upon request for pre-formed groups, 2 to 8 days treks in the most beautiful places of Tuscany: Apuan Alps, Apennines, Monte Pisano, Tuscan Archipelago and many others!

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Here are some examples of our services:

Trekking from Lucca to Pisa along the ancient aqueducts

Nottolini aquaduct

Activity: Trekking from Lucca to Pisa along the ancient aqueducts
Area: Monte Pisano
Description: A trekking from Lucca Cathedral to Pisa Cathedral, through the Monte Pisano, following at slow pace the Nottolini aqueduct and the Medici aqueduct which for centuries have supplied water to the towns placed on either side of the mountain. The trail is not particularly challenging, but given the length a minimum training is required.
Duration: 2 days
Lenght: 24 km
Elevation gain: +800 m
Grade: E (Hikers/Intermediate) ●●●○○
Meeting: Lucca – Piazza Antelminelli in front of the Nottolini fountain
Guide: Leonardo, Silvia or Filippo
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